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November Product Updates

What’s New

In our November release we’ve focused on user experience, making it even easier to get started and caching with ReadySet:

  • You can quickly see how many times a query (proxied or cached) has been hit
  • Know instantly how many clients are connected to ReadySet
  • The command line has been streamlined
  • Error handling has been optimized for new users

In addition to making getting started easier, we’ve also made upgrading your ReadySet version much cleaner, with caches now being persistent across upgrades (including backwards-incompatible ones). You can see our engineer Luke Osbourne explain how that works here.

For more information and bug fixes, check out our release notes.

ReadySet Cloud Open for Early Access

We recently announced ReadySet Cloud for AWS Postgres, which features:

  • Drop-in integration
  • Complex query caching support
  • Easy integration with AWS Postgres databases
  • SOC-2 Type 1 compliance

If you’re an AWS RDS Postgres and Aurora Postgres user actively facing database scaling challenges and want to see if ReadySet is the right fit for your application, sign up using our early access form.

Blog Roundup

Just starting to experience caching headaches? Looking for a guide on how best to handle this new problem? Our recent post Don’t use key-value stores to cache from relational databases shows why a common solution to a common problem creates long-term headaches and how ReadySet can help you prevent problems before they start.

Community Shout Outs

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