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October Product Updates

✨What's New?

ReadySet just got even better with our latest update:

Check out all the new features, updates, and bug fixes on our release page.

💎 Guide: ReadySet on Rails

If your application uses Ruby on Rails and Postgres and you’re looking for an easy solution to database performance bottlenecks, give ReadySet a try.

ReadySet works out-of-the-box with Rails’ multi-database support; in fact, you can easily configure ReadySet to act as a read-replica to your database in three easy steps. In this setup, all read SQL queries will go through ReadySet, while all writes will go directly to your database. ReadySet becomes a lightning fast read-replica for your application.

⚡ Tutorial: Caching MySQL Queries with ReadySet

Our friend and collaborator Marcelo Altmann wrote an article about setting up ReadySet with MySQL. In this article Marcelo shows you how easy it is to create a cache and start seeing performance improvements.

🔗 Get Involved

There are a few ways you can get involved with ReadySet:

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👩‍💻 Open Roles

If you're interested in joining the ReadySet team, take a look at our open roles below and apply if you feel there's a match. We are a fully remote company with employees across the US.