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Introducing Readyset Cloud for AWS Postgres

Introducing Readyset Cloud for AWS Postgres

Your database. 1,000x faster queries. In the click of a button. 

Today, we’re thrilled to announce the official rollout of Readyset Cloud for AWS Postgres users.  

The scalability of your software is limited by the scalability of your database, and typically, building highly responsive data-intensive applications requires introducing complex and error-prone caching logic to your code. 

Readyset Cloud helps you circumvent these problems by making your queries faster without any changes to your application logic or the overhead of managing additional infrastructure. 

As rows are inserted, updated, and deleted in your primary database, the Readyset cache is kept up-to-date in real-time, just like a conventional read replica, but with consistently sub-millisecond query latencies. That means that you don’t need to set TTLs or write cache invalidation logic. 

Now, with Readyset Cloud, you also don’t have to worry about managing additional caching infrastructure. Some of Readyset Cloud’s key features include: 

  • Drop-in integration: You don’t need to make code changes to use Readyset. It is wire-compatible with Postgres and can be used along with your existing ORMs and database clients. 
  • Complex query caching support: Readyset works for a wide variety of queries, including those with complex joins, filters, and aggregates. 
  • Easy integration with AWS Postgres databases: Readyset is set up as a read replica of your primary database, and can be added in just a few clicks. 
  • SOC-2 Type 1 compliance: Readyset Cloud is built with data privacy in mind. It is SOC2-Type 1 compliant, with further certifications underway. 

If you use AWS RDS Postgres or Aurora Postgres and are actively facing database scaling challenges and want to see if Readyset is the right fit for your application, sign up today.