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June Product Updates

This month brings a new release of ReadySet, along with some new ways for you to get involved with the community.

We're excited to hear what you think! Please share your feedback on Github, on Twitter (@readysetio), or by replying directly to this message.

🎉 New Quickstart

We just released a new Docker-based workflow for trying out ReadySet in less than five minutes– check it out here!

🚀 Faster Data Import

We've made some changes to the underlying table storage, and now importing data into ReadySet is 2-6x faster! This should significantly reduce the time it takes to spin up ReadySet with large datasets.

🖥️ Github Issue Tracking

We've moved issue tracking for ReadySet to Github.

Now you can:

  • Follow along with ReadySet's development in real-time by checking out our GitHub issues.
  • Try to tackle an issue of your own! We've tagged the best starter projects with the ‘first-issue’ tag.

That's all for now– until next month!