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July Product Updates

We're excited to share our team’s progress this month as we continue on our path towards building a fully drop-in, transparent SQL cache for MySQL & Postgres databases.

This month brings a new release of ReadySet, along with some ways for you to get involved in the journey towards our first stable v1.0 release.

What's New 🥳

  • Expanded query support
    • ReadySet now supports more complex conditions in the ON clause of INNER JOINs (504b5c9)
  • Performance & memory usage optimizations
    • Significantly reduce maximum resident memory usage for fully materialized queries by streaming records out of base tables (de3231f)
    • Optimized message flushing in Postgres extended query protocol implementation (0f56f97)
    • Improved Postgres proxy performance by eliminating an intermediate conversion step (396f41c)
  • Bug fixes! Check ‘em out here.

Outside of these specific changes, we’ve been spending the bulk of our time on extensive testing & stabilization efforts as we gear up for our first major, production-ready release this fall – stay tuned for more details in our next newsletter!

Get Involved 🛠️

If you’d like to contribute to ReadySet, we have a list of newcomer issues that’ll help familiarize yourself with the code base. Additionally, we’re always looking for beta testers – if you have a use case that you think is a fit for ReadySet, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

That's all for now– until next month!