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April Product Updates

April is officially over and it’s time for an update on what we’ve been shipping at Readyset! Let’s take a look at what’s changed since March:

Partner with Readyset

Readyset is looking for design partners to build out additional MySQL and PostgreSQL functionality in Readyset Cloud.

If you’ve been considering using Readyset in production, meet with our engineering team to discuss your use case and have direct influence on our compatibility roadmap. Spots are limited.

New Blogs

Check out our recent blog posts:

And a new blog by the Lead DBA at Percona featuring Readyset:

Product Updates

This month, the core team has released a variety of improvements and optimizations:

  • Significantly improved warm read performance for certain queries that return timestamps.
  • Added the capability to connect directly to a specific MySQL database upon connection.
  • Added support for the PostgreSQL `date_trunc` built-in function.
  • Introduced RPM binary packages for Fedora and Amazon Linux 2023.
  • Enabled handling of BC timestamps without a time zone.
  • And more!

Check out the full release here.

MySQL 5.7 Query Cache Deprecation

Are you stuck on MySQL version 5.7 and experiencing performance issues due to the MySQL Query Cache deprecation? 

Readyset can be a drop-in replacement, reducing query response times and scaling your application effectively. Explore what this looks like and discuss your use case with our engineering team today.

Request Features

Keen to use Readyset but your database or cloud environment are not supported? Reach out to support@readyset.io and let us know.

Get Involved

We love hearing from you! If you want to get involved with Readyset, you can: